Saltburn Mind Therapies

Social Phobia


Social Phobia has been on the increase for a number of years now, although sufferers tend to feel isolated, as though they are the only one to suffer with this problem.



Social Phobia can stem from feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment, even if on the outside the person seems full of confidence.


It can seem like everyone else makes friends or talks to groups of their peers easily – and when they laugh, will you get the joke?  What if they don’t really want you there?


What if they think you are boring?  Or you say something wrong?  What if...?  What if...?


Sometimes a client may only have the problem with a certain group of people, perhaps colleagues, or members of the opposite sex.


Sometimes it’s any social situation.


Hypnoanalysis can help you discover why you feel the way you do and help neutralise the effect, and Suggestion Therapy can help to give you coping mechanisms for specific situations.



Panic Attacks


Sweaty palms, heart hammering away so hard you think it will break out of your chest, visual disturbances, nausea, dizziness – just some of the symptoms of a panic attack.


Always waiting?  Always wondering when the next one is going to swamp you?  Usually at the worst possible moment.


Whether it’s random panic attacks that happen for no apparent reason – or triggered panic attacks that you can predict but can’t control there is plenty that can be done to help you.


Once any medical reasons have been ruled out we can work together to give you some control back over your life.