Saltburn Mind Therapies

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Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council

This organisation was set up with the backing of the Department of  Health  to ensure that properly trained and insured therapists could be differentiated from the rest.

The safest way to choose any complimentary therapist or practictoner is to check on the CNHC register.


The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

One of the premier associations for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.



A wealth of interesting information for therapists and the general public.


Placebo Diet

A totally unique system that will transform how you feel about food.



The world’s No 1 in Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System, as seen on TV’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies program.  (beware of inferior imitations.)


Smoking Article by the BBC

Facts about smoking that you may not know.


NHS Stress Information

Vital information about the dangers of stress and what you can do to help yourself cope.