Saltburn Mind Therapies

Fears and Phobias


Do you have a fear of spiders? Or flying? Maybe you break out in a cold sweat if you see a button?


Is it a fear or a phobia?  What’s the difference?


It doesn’t matter how much your rational mind tells you there is nothing to worry about – if you have an excessive fear or phobia of something it can seriously interfere with your life.


Sometimes other people think it’s funny, or that you’re exaggerating about how terrified you feel.


Sometimes you can be made to feel a nuisance, for instance if everyones holiday plans revolve around the fact that you can’t fly – or that you freeze if you hear something that might have been a wasp.


Come for your free consultation and explain to me how it affects you. Together we can work towards a solution to free you of your terrors.


You will be given the proper therapy option for your condition to prevent the problem coming back.


You can be reassured that you will not be made to confront your fear and no fear or phobia will be treated lightly or be laughed at.


If it is serious for you it will be serious for me.  Why should you have to avoid something that other people seem to deal with easily?